Meet the Founder

A photograph of the founder, Nia. She is crouching in a field of red tulips and smiling up at the camera.

Nia is an herbalist, event producer, and pleasure-seeker. She is the current Executive Director of Ours Truly PDX, a non-profit organization that nurtures kinship among BIPOC folks through celebration, dreamwork, and creative expression in Portland, OR. Nia created Earthly Delights to help marginalized communities build and maintain daily pleasure practices. She has a passion for cultivating spaces for folks to experience ease without shame. She approaches healing as an opportunity to reconnect with our body and expand our capacity for happiness. She has experience working with activists and change-makers to manage stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, and more. 

Nia is a graduate of the Sacred Vibes Spiritual Herbalism Apprenticeship taught by Master Herbalist Karen M. Rose. She is currently studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to expand her healing practice. 

Nia is a world-traveler currently residing in New Jersey. Her simple pleasures include a warm cup of Earl Grey, bespoke perfumes, and basking in the sun.

Our Mission

Earthly Delights encourages you to indulge in your wellness journey by investing in experiences, people, and products that make you feel good. We create intentional spaces and products to help expand your capacity for enjoyment.

Our Values

Pleasure Primacy

Everyone should feel good in their bodies. We believe that pleasure is essential, and we recognize that it is routinely denied to oppressed communities. We reclaim our right to pleasure by uplifting sex positivity, body neutrality, body inclusivity, sensuality, radical rest, and leisure.

Proactive Wellness

We recognize wellness as a lifelong practice of self and community love. We prioritize care for ourselves and our communities equally through times of prosperity and distress.

Collective Liberation

We recognize that oppressive structures such as racism, sexism, ableism, classism, and queer/trans antagonism stand in the way of our community’s pleasure and wellness. We strive to co-create a future without exploitation, subjugation, or dehumanization.

Symbiotic Relationships

We strive to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our natural environment and with our human communities.

Intergenerational Care

We honor the work of our elders and ancestors. We share, teach, and heal in service to past, present, and future generations.

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